D Locker
Setup Database

Prepare to setup database

This is the first thing we need to do to run D Locker web app successfully on your server. I am going to guide you step by step, how to make database using cpanel.

Step 1

After Login in Cpanel, you have to click to MySQL Databases

Step 2

Now you have to create a new database name

Step 3

After create database name, now you have make a user for that, it mean you have to create a new database user

Step 4

Now you have to assign user to database
Following all the steps above, your new database would be created successfully.

Prepare to setup sub domain

Step 1

I will highly recommend to you that use D Locker web app at your sub domain. Now I am going to guide you how to create sub domain in cpanel as following :
  • Login Cpanel
  • Search SubDomain
  • Click on SubDomain

Step 2

Once your sub domain created, now you have to go to file manager > public_html > and here you will find your folder like this (subdomain.yourdomain.com)
Now, database and sub domain created successfully, In the next tutorial, we are guiding you how to upload dlocker.zip file at your own server and connect with database.