D Locker
Data Sharing
Data sharing is useful when you need to share your passwords or other data's with your clients or to anyone. You can also ON/OFF the data sharing URL anytime, By default the data sharing URL is OFF but when you ON it then you can share that data table URL with anyone outside, and when you OFF the same data sharing URL so that user to whom you shared URL earlier, will not be able to see your data table until you OFF.
When you ON the button for data table sharing then all your data will also see in the "Shared Data" sidebar menu because if you will have 100+ data tables and you have shared many data tables with outside users so this would be very difficult for you to OFF the sharing data URL by going each folder that's why added "Shared Data" menu in the sidebar by which you can see all your shared data with outside users and OFF from there also.
Below is screenshot, how your data table will look like to outside users when you share with them
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