D Locker

Prepare to install & setup D Locker

In the previous guide, we explained you how to make database and sub domain on cpanel. Now we are going to guide you installation and setup dlocker.zip file

Upload file at your own server

After download D Locker file from codecanyon, now upload it on your server at subdomain folder.

Step 1

After upload dlocker.zip file at your own server, now you have to open new tab in your browser and type your subdomain in the browser address like this - https://yoursubdomain.yourdomain.com and then hit enter, you will be redirected automatically to installation page where first screen show you that everything is compatible or not with your server.

Step 2

You have to fill your database detail now.
once you fill database name, username and password then must click on "check database details" button and it will check your database information then "next" button would be clickable if database credentials is ok

Step 3

Fill all your personal information, see below picture
After following installation step, you will be successfully redirected to login page.